At Oakbridge our geography curriculum introduces the foundational concepts about the Earth’s surface, its features, and the relationship between humans and their environment. It includes Geographical concepts such as maps, globes and directions. We learn about Physical Geography, where we teach about landforms, bodies of water, weather patterns, climates, and ecosystems. We explore human settlements, cultural diversity, communities, population distribution, and basic economic activities like agriculture and trade. 

We develop our Geographical skills such as map reading, interpreting symbols, understanding scale, and using geographical tools like compasses and atlases. We cover environmental awareness about issues such as pollution, conservation, and sustainable living practices. We compare and contrast local geography with that of other regions and cultures, fostering a sense of connection to our wider world.

We encourage hands-on learning through field trips, outdoor activities, and observation exercises to reinforce our classroom learning. Our geography curriculum aims to spark curiosity about the world, develop our spatial awareness, and lay the foundation for a deep understanding about the world in which we live.