Events: Summer Term

Oakbridge Social Event

Saturday 15th June 9:30-11:30am at the Town Hall

This is an opportunity for our new and future families to meet and for our new children to have some fun, while getting to know some of our school staff. All Reception children for September 2024 have been invited. If you are considering Oakbridge for September or future years and would like to attend, please email


Nursery Visits

Mrs Burgess will be visiting all Nursery settings to meet our new children in June. This visit will allow Mrs Burgess to see the children in a familiar setting as well as talk to Nursery practitioners about any key information ahead of the start of school.


Parent Information Session

Wednesday 19th June 5:30pm at Northallerton Forum.

This is a meeting for our 2024 Reception parents to meet school staff and receive key information about our school. There will be an opportunity to meet the Executive Headteacher, Mrs Godbold, the class teacher, Mrs Burgess and the school SENDco, Mrs McManus.


Home Visits

Mrs Burgess will be offering home visits as part of our transition plans to get to know our children better ahead of their school start. These will take place at the end of June. Parents can sign up for a slot at the parent information evening on Wednesday 19th June.

Events 2024-25

Anti Bullying Week 2024 

What is Anti-Bullying Week? 

This year, Anti-Bullying Week 2024 will take place between Monday 11th and Friday 15th November 2024. Anti-Bullying Week is a special event organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance to raise awareness about the negative impacts of bullying, encourage people to stand up against discrimination and promote the importance of individuality. It’s a week dedicated to celebrating the values of inclusivity, respect and kindness. 

What is the theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2024? 

The theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2024 is Make a Noise About Bullying. Teachers and children wanted a theme that empowers them to do something positive to counteract the harm and hurt that bullying causes. Too often, we stay quiet when we see bullying going on, stay silent about the pain it inflicts, or play it off as just having a laugh. But we shouldn’t! Instead, let’s shout about it and speak up when we see prejudice or discrimination.  

Anti-Bullying Week 2024 encourages us all to speak out about bullying. By raising awareness, we not only support those who are being bullied, but also let potential bullies know that their actions are unacceptable. Whether this is speaking to a trusted adult or reaching out to a person who is being bullied, let’s make a noise this Anti-Bullying Week! 

Celebrating Anti-Bullying Week 2024 

There are so many ways that you can celebrate Anti-Bullying Week this year. We will have lots of fun on Odd Socks Day which will kick off Anti-Bullying Week 2024 on Monday 11th November. This day is an opportunity to encourage children and adults to express themselves and celebrate their individuality, highlighting what makes us all unique! To join in, simply wear odd socks to school or work, then donate to the Anti-Bullying Alliance 

Another fun event that takes place every year on the Friday of Anti-Bullying Week is Friendship Friday. This year Friendship Friday will be on Friday 15th November. This is a chance to round off our fantastic week by celebrating friendships with others. It’s a great way to encourage both children and adults to reach out to friends and peers and share positive things with each other. 

Anti-Bullying Week – what is it and what does it achieve document_2023 FINAL.pdf (